Travis Scott - I know

Travis Scott - I know
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Текст песни
Tell me, is you still up? (Up)
It's 5 AM and I'm drunk right now
Tell me, can we still fuck? (Fuck that shit)
One of one, I'm in the zone right now
Tell me, am I still? (Mm)
Tellin' you just how I feel right now
You said it's just the drugs and I know
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
I lied too, way before (Let's go), before
Before I had you right inside my arms
But then again, I could be drunk (It's lit, yeah)
Baby, I don't wanna sound righteous (Yeah)
I got twenty bitches suckin' like bisons
I just eeny, meeny, miney, roll the dices, I pick her (Pop it, pop it)
She ain't even really my type, and I hear
She been losin' herself to the night shift
She been losin' herself and I get, oh, girl, yeah, I get it
Yeah, yeah, you've been fightin' for your shot
And you've been searchin' for your spot
Girl, I feel it, yeah, girl, I feel it, yeah
Oh, you think you got your groove
But you want someone like you (Let—) - Музыкальный клуб новинок
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