Lil Tecca - Yves

Lil Tecca - Yves
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Текст песни
I'm Working on Dying
What the fuck is you on?
Shawty she know I'm a don
Beating my chest, nigga King Kong
Jeans Yves nigga Saint Laurent
I get a check, nigga every month
I'm blowing gas, nigga every blunt
Nowadays niggas ain't saying nun
Niggas ain't saying nun
They know how I been
They know how I live
Pull up on your block but niggas ain't there
Talking 'bout Tec yeah they couldn't compare
And you got a choice in this shit, truth or dare
My life a movie that shit on demand
I tell that hoe "Better chill I'm the man"
Blues, she wanna chill off the Xan
I went in half and a nigga can't stand now
If I pull up it's a man down
I know these niggas be chatting but fuck it though
I know these niggas be fanned out
Nigga say he got a bankroll, not a bankroll if it can't pile
One song make a nigga get cocky, lil nigga better stay in style
I'm in this shit with the Mafia bitch
Not in the scene, but I'm still in the mix
You said your name I don't know who you is, is, is, is, is
Got a new number, who callin? Who this? This, this, this, this
Your bitch a hoe but it's none of my biz, biz, biz, business
My bitch she said I'm too real like Madrid
She probably right - Музыкальный клуб новинок
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